How to Promote YouTube Videos with Google Ads

Hello Everyone!! So, you finally landed on this page which is great. It means you have a youTube channel which you want to promote or you might be thinking to start a youTube channel of yours. Not a problem as we are going to help you in both the cases through this article.

Google Adwords for Youtube promotion

In this article we are going to tell you a very simple way of promoting your youTube channel. The tool that we are covering in this article is “Google Adwords”. How you can get more views just by investing small money.


What are Google Adwords

Google Adwords was develpped for blogging only till some time back. But now you can use youtube also. There are two ways of promoting YouTube videos; one is if you are watching a video you preload which you can skip that and this is called an instream advertisement. This is much expensive also and many people do not like this.

Another advertisement is display ad. With this type of advertisement, the thumbnail of your video comes at the tops and your video gets more viewer.

Let us know a little more in depth about the two types of YouTube advertisements before moving ahead.


Difference between Instream Ad and Display Ads

Instream advertisement is expensive compared to display advertisements. In instream advertisemsent, if someone watches your ad more than 30 seconds, you need to pay him. But there are less chances they do not subscribe your channel and do not visit it.

On the other hand in display advertisements, a person is landing on your channel by clicking the thumbnail and that means he is more interested in your channel and probably can subscribe to it. You need to pay in this case also.


Misconceptions for Google adwords

People think that using google adwords you are paying to get more views on your video. There are more chances of clicking and landing on your channel. Chances of clicking on the video is improved

People think that one can get more watch hours with google adwords. This is not true, as the advertisement is not counted at all on yoututbe tanking. Initial views could be due to google adwords, but following that could be due to other viewers and can help your video to get better video ranking.


Should I invest money in Google Ads?

Google ads can help you to boost your business and bring more views and subscribers to your channel. Ad rates can vary from small to larger amount depending upon your budget.

One thing about advertisment is if you are buying ads for every video, chances are that you get less views on other videos. Please do it wisely as its your hard earned money. You can invest your money on improving video quality also or buying better accessories on it. Its your money so try to invest it accordingly.

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