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In today’s marketing world is one of the most important thing is to maintain your email list. Once that list is established you can use it to get more business with that super model. But this is very important to get the contact information or the insights of your competitiors.

Instagram is the world’s fastest growing social media platform with over 1 billion active users. If we compare that with Facebook, we would find that Instagram has 50% more users on Facebook who are more engaged on your post.

Have you every wondered how your competitors are getting more business and you are lagging behind?

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Not to worry at all….as here we are going to discuss about a super software in the market that anyone can use to get all the information of the followers of his competitors on Instagram. Not only the information but it can also provide the insights also about your competitor business.

This particular tool is Instagram based and can provide you your competitor follower’s information.

What is ProfileMate and how it works?

Name of this software is ‘ProfileMate’. It is a plugin that we can use to improve the followers on Instagram. After installing ProfileMate you can rest and take a backseat as from here ‘ProfileMate’ starts doing for you.

Profile Mate interacts with your followers on your behalf. This it does based on the Machine Learning concept that it follows. You get better in your results with time if use Profile Mate. Profile Mate converts all the new contacts into one list that you can directly use to send messages in the form of sums, emails or even you can call them also as the information contains contact phone number also.

7 Advantages of using ProfileMate-Analytic & Growth tool

  1. It provides thousands of user’s contact information on daily basis. This information of engaged users of your competitors is in the form of email, location, position or contact numbers. Further, you can refine your search for the contact information.

    On Dashboard section, you can enter your search with refine keywords. Few of the keywords you can enter are:
    1. Get email, location of the followers of your @competitiorhere
    1. Get information of users with a specific hashtag
    1. If you have a competitors and you want to get their information, just type in the search as Get all followers of @competitor name
  2. No one wants to build a list of email address from scratch. Therefore, it is good if a software like ‘ProfileMate’ can do this task to you.
  3. It provides a ready-to-contact information like emails, location, and phone number. Moreover, the information provided is also segmented for users who want to be emailed or contacted.
  4. You can just extract the contact information and send across them regarding your business information.
  5. The best way of using this contact information is to use your affiliate links to thousands of users every month. They would definitely want to know about your business what you are selling.
  6. Everything is legal and ethically done.
  7. It requires little or no-effort. Since very low effort required so, it is very easy to work with.

Is there any disadvantage of using ProfileMate?

Since ProfileMate extracts contact information of the already existing users, nothing is wrong here as the information is publically available. However, the question arises when you start using that information for your business without their consent.

  1. There is difference between being available and being using them to contact them without permission. A ProfileMate offers a list of thousands of users so if you start contacting them daily with your business emails, they could go into spams.
  2. Just think if everyone starts using Profile Mate to send emails, it becomes a lot of headache for the person who is getting email. It could directly go into Spam folder also.
  3. You have to be carefully using information as it could be called spams.
  4. If you do not take care of this, your email list could be of no relevance to you and of less value. Your marketing would be less effective and do the negative rather than brining any positive results.
  5. Sending emails sometimes could ruin your business and it could be fined many times
  6. You might have thousands of the email list in your database but those could result into spams also. Email marketing should be based on permissions always.
  7. There have been many software’s also in the past, which would get the email information and was resisted by the users when they get the emails.

So, what are you thinking about? Just join this World’s number 1 Instagram Analytic and Growth tool that can help take your business on new heights.

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