How to Find Affiliate Products to Promote in 4 Simple Ways

Do you also want to earn income with affiliate marketing and monetize your blog also? Just stay with us till end of the blog.


But before moving ahead with this hope you have selected the niche for your affiliate marketing. Niche is a theme or can say category that can have further sub-categories too for which you are looking for product links to promote.

You know about 90% Bloggers fail in the first year because of not choosing a niche for their products.

1. Simple Way 1: Search affiliate product for your niche

Simple way of doing this is to search with keyword For example if you have selected you niche as Lifestyle, you can make a search like ‘lifestyle affiliate programs for bloggers‘ on Google search bar. This would bring you a list of websites with best affiliate programs. These websites have already written a lot about the different types of programs, so you can easily visit them and get the best out of them as per your choice.

This way you can get a list of affiliate products online by just searching on search engine websites. Let us take the first website that comes at the top on this search page which is So, if I click on this particular link it would open a page as below:

This is one of the most important way to find the affiliate marketing links from web.

2. Simple Way 2: Find a blog of your Niche online

This way if different from the first point in the way that in this we are looking for our competitors blog of the same niche. For this type on google search box, for example if you blog is of niche lifestyle just type ‘best blogs of lifestyle’ or ‘best lifestyle blogs’. It would show you a list of top lifestyle blogs on google search page.

Let’s click on the first link…….. It would open a list of different websites on the same niche that your website has. Lets click on the first link.

3. Simple Way 3: Use ‘Affiliate Modifiers’ for Product links

One important way of finding product affiliate links online is to use affiliate modifiers which are the best keywords for search. You can simply by typing “ ‘best’“, “ ‘best'”, ‘ ‘review”’ etc. These are the affiliate modifiers that can help you to get the best product link in that niche.

You can write a review also on the product or compare the products of similar niche and leave them affiliate links there which users can use to click and buy.

4. Simple Way 4: Join Affiliate Market places online

There are many market places available online that you can join easily and start searching for affiliate products links to put on your blog. Some of the most common are.

  1. Shareasale
  2. Amazon Associates
  3. Rakuten
  4. FlexOffers
  5. ClickBank

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