6 Golden Tips for Affiliate Marketing for Beginners in 2020

Today, we are going to discuss about the best tips for affiliate marketing, and believe us following the tips you are going to earn lakhs by just sitting at home like many successful affiliate marketers.

Moreover, all these tips golden tips for affiliate marketing are free of cost which you can help if you are beginners or thinking to start a career in affiliate marketing.

You know the concept of affiliate marketing was about to boom in next few years, but because of COVID-19 the concept has flourished before that. And, it has become a hot topic for income in the year 2020.

Reason behind this is that due to this pandemic people are preferring to stay at home. They go outside only when needed or if it is very urgent. However, this does not mean they have reduced their buying capacity. They still preferring to purchase but online.

That is why mentioned above that the concept of affiliate marketing is a best tool in today’s time especially if you going to start it in 2020.

Therefore, in this article we would tell you about the eight best tools to follow for Affiliate Marketing. However, before that we should have a basic knowledge of Affiliate marketing.

What actually is Affiliate Marketing?

Concept of Affiliate marketing is not new. You have hear about LIC agents or property dealers. For example, you are helping a property dealer in selling out their properly and in return the dealer would pay you a commission of 2% or 3% whatever is fixed.

Same way digitally we can sell things and earn commission. For example, amazon associates is one of the best affiliate marketing digital platform for selling various products. You would get different commission based on the product as if for gold you can gain approx. 10% also.

Believe us, Affiliate Marketing would return you a lot of revenue if you do it properly. People start doing it seeing others but do not get results even after putting a lot of hard work. This is because they are just not following these five important gold rules of affiliate marketing.

5 Tips for Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

  1. Find your niche. For example, health is a niche, which has multiple product options to choose from like healthy diet, fitness products, fitness bands etc. Therefore, once you become an affiliate marketer on an affiliate-marketing website like amazon associates, you can select products there. So first chose a niche, and then a micro-niche.

    Once you have selected a product, next step is to promote the product. The best thing to do this is to write a blog. You can run a health related website where you can write health related articles and leave the affiliate link there.  You can think about Blue host services also to start a website. One of the best advantage of buying Blue host services is that they have best 99.99% up-time and an expert team of WordPress professionals.

    Therefore, domain and hosting are very important tools for creating a website.
  • You Tube Channel. YouTube channel provides an easy access to the viewers and people find them more interactive.These channels be of different types for different categories. You can leave the affiliate-marketing link on your YouTube channel. For example if you have chosen fitness as your niche, you can create a YouTube channel for that. There you can leave an affiliate link that you had selected earlier in first step. You should create the You Tube channel based on the niche only that you selected. You can leave the link in description of the YouTube video you uploaded.

  • EBooks. This is third another best medium of making people reach your affiliate products. You can leave affiliate link in the EBooks following which people can buy the products and you would get the commission.

  • Mailing List. This is very important thing, which people normally ignore. You can have a subscription button on your site to collect the data of people reaching your website. You can start sending them emails about the affiliate products that you are promoting.

  • Social Media. You can use social media like Facebook, Instagram etc. to create pages for your affiliate-marketing product. You can keep on adding any affiliate link of the product you are marketing there.  Instagram has one of the advantage that once your followers count reaches to 10k, you are able to swipe. One can find true buyers on the Instagram.
  • Join Communities. There are many online communities that you can join to share similar ideas and other product links. We too have a Facebook group of Blogcults that you can join to share ideas on different topics.

Hope, you found this piece of information informative and useful. Please leave your comment in the comment box and let us know if we can help you in any way.

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