Blogging Tips for Beginners that actually Work in 5 Simple Ways

Welcome to the world of Blogging! Now since you have chosen a blog name and ready for diving deep into the ocean of Blogging, next step is to know for how long you would remain into the water with some best experimented tips.

There are plenty of blogs, which are getting birth every day. Daily we can see lot of blogs are being created with a hope to earn with it. However, earning with a blog is not so easy. You only think why would one visit your website when there are already similar kind of stuff is available online.

Common Problems Faced by Bloggers in Beginning

When someone enters the world of blogging, he or she starts searching the internet to get the best tips that actually work but they often do not get success.

One thing is for sure that one needs to have patience and consistency in writing on the blog. Make it a practice of writing something at least 2-3 times initially. Concentrate of providing high quality of content for initial few months. Do not just think of applying for google ads or similar revenue generating platforms.

Never do this Mistake ever in the Beginning of Blogging

No such platforms allow their ads to show on these websites, which have very little content. So, try to give as much as informative article during 5-6 month initially. Once, you think that the website has sufficient information, you can think of hiring some external services to get more traffic. You can also follow few of the basic steps that can really help your website come on top search results on Search Engines. Search engines are the websites like Google, which people use to make search for their queries. Only those, which come in top 10, are considered best and people normally fight to come in top 10 ranking only. For this, they do keyword analysis, content creation, SEO etc.

Today, in this article we would just mention about top five Tips for Beginners that actually work. Hope you find it informative, and please leave your message in the comment box below.

Top Five Blogging Tips for Beginners

  1. Focus on a specific Niche
    Niche is a topic or a theme. For example, you have an interest in food; you can start a food blog and mention different recipes, healthy tips, breakfast or dinner ideas etc.
  2. Create content that is worth referencing
    You can link your article with other websites. Links is important to get backlinks and better SEO. If you are writing something that is unique and not much people have written about, chances of people reaching to you for backlinks become more.
  3. Content is a king
    Please make your content easy to read. Use short paragraphs as long lines are boring sometimes! Try to make your post as much illustrative as possible. People prefer video, graphical illustrations like stuff rather than reading whole lot stuff.
  4. Use basic SEO
    few of the basic See steps that you yourself can follow in your article. Three of the most important SEO tips you can follow are:

    1. Proper use of headings in your article play an important role. There are six basic heading tags H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, and H6. Use the H1 tag first followed by rest of the following. They should follow the hierarchy as if H5 cannot follow H6, as H5 should come before H6 and like others.

    2. Next is use of alt tag in your images. Alt tag is the alternate text that and user read or hears when the image does not show.

    3. Proper use of keywords in your post is utmost important. Try not to include those keywords more than two or 3 times in your post otherwise, search engines would consider it wrong and your ranking could go below.
  5. Social Network
    Get as much social as possible, pass on your post, blog link to people on Facebook, Instagram etc. Join similar groups online and participate in the discussions. You can send Emailers to your friends or followers too. Build an email list since day one and start sending your article to them. It helps to get traffic to new post.  Therefore, bottom line is to start building list from day one.

Word of caution during Social media marketing

However, do not spam online groups by just posting your content everywhere around in different groups. Try to meet like-minded bloggers and participate in the discussion, share links sparingly.

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