Average Click Through Rate-CTR: High or Low CTR is good?

People often get confused with Average Click Through Rate-CTR vs CTR terms. So, in this post we are trying to highlight a little about Average Click Through Rate-CTR and how low or high CTR can effect your website.

Average Click Through Rate vs CTR

A normal basic CTR is calculated by measuring the rate of clicks on each advertisement while an Average CTR is little different.

Average CTR is the ratio of Ad clicks to the impressions in Adwords campaign. It considers the total clicks and impressions across your ad campaign. It is important to have higher rate of Average CTR for a better earning and online presence of your post.

People have often misconception of how much rate of Average CTR is good. To them we want to tell that it may differ from a niche to niche. But this is true that low Average CTR can be a problem to your content online. It can directly affect the quality score and placement of advertisement on your post in future.

Is Higher Rate of Average CTR good?

Any ad showing on your website or post should lead to a conversion. So, if your site has higher Average CTR but not leading to any conversions, this is again a problem. So, higher Average CTR if combined with other key performance indicators of your website can bring success to you, otherwise again it’s a problem as told above.

How much Average CTR is good?

So, it is clear that Average CTR performance depends upon other factors too. Not always higher Average CTR rates are good.

We should understand that Average CTR depends upon  the conversion rate a lot, and this can vary from niche to niche and industry to industry. For a normal Adwords paid search Average CTR rate of 2% is normally good. So, to answer the question ”How much Average CTR is good’, we can say that this may vary from niche to niche.

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