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Hello everyone!! Since you have landed on this page that means you are also planning to make your career in affiliate marketing. Yes, we have been into this business since long and can share with you about the tips that you can use to become a successful affiliate marketer.

There are two ways we can earn online if do work consistently and properly. These two ways are Blogging and Affiliate Marketing, both are different and often misunderstood to be the same.

You know by appropriately selecting product you can earn lakhs on money per month. We will also tell you the different strategies to use for becoming a successful affiliate marketer in the article.

Best Affiliate Marketing Website

There are many websites available online where you can get a list of affiliate products to choose from for becoming an affiliate marketer. Most of the affiliate marketers use Amazon Affiliate marketing programs which are no doubt one of the best but there is one more secret website we wanna discuss here which is our secret website gives you a list of all the upcoming software about to launch in the near future. It tells the time also when they are about to launch. gives list for upcoming products and also gives the list of those products which have already been launched. Taking this information, we can select which product we can use to promote our product.

How Does Work?

To learn how works, you can open in the status bar of a browser. This would open the website with multiple features. Here you would see two different columns; Big Launches and All Launches.

Here, as we wrote above we can select any of the product to promote to our customers.

Let us suppose we select ‘Brad Stephens et al’ from the list above. It would land you on its description page as below:

Here you would see a JV page link.

What is JV page link?

JV means means “Joint Venture”. This page is made for affiliate only, as it lists all the information needed for affiliate marketing. Clicking on this link would open its JV page as below:

There you would see an ‘Affiliate Link’ tab in the top header, click on that.

This page shows all the information related to the price and commission it would give you if you are able to create a lead for this. In addition, it mentions the Sale price of the product. That means if you are selling this product worth $47.00, it would give you a commission of 50%.

Register on JV page

If you are already registered on the website, click on the login button. This way you can select any product you want to promote to your customers.

How to promote Affiliate Products to sell to customers?

After getting an affiliate link you would need a content in the form of a an article or a video where you can leave that link. We are telling you few of the most common and widely used ways we can use to promote these products to get you the commission.

What Should I Do Next After Getting Affiliate Link?

This is one of the sought after question by many users. Getting an affiliate links is not that much tougher as using them to product their products. Actual fights begins after this only as your earning really depends upon this only.

Once you have received the link of affiliate product from, you need to create a content for that. For this either you can create content on your own website or you can create youtube video. Getting ranked on youtube is much easier as it does not look into the number of articles on a website, and is based on the quality of your particular video only. So, if any product is about to be launched in the market you can write a review on that on youtube or website.

You can directly reach to the vendors also to give access to the product to writer a review or make video on that. If the vendor does not provide you the access, you can go and purchase the product too.

Keep in mind the following points while writing review in article or a video:

  1. Use Keyword in thumbnail/article
  2. Use keyword in youtube video
  3. Write name of software in the title and description of the video.

For reference, take idea from already articles published on website on reviews on

How to rank your keyword for Affiliate Marketing on Google

Now you have a content ready with you on an Affiliate product. Next what?

You can start sharing your content on social media websites, your network or via emails also. You can also write articles on those websites which are already ranking higher on Two most common websites people use to rank their keywords are:

  1. This is a public website where anyone can place his article
  2. This website has a lot of content which has reviews also. People put their content on them

Best tips to get success in Affiliate Marketing

Your content plays a very important role in selling out a product, so create a review for that product both in writing or video form. Once your review comes on google, people would click on that link and land on your affiliate link of the product.

Sometimes, you do not get access to an affiliate product. For this land on the JV page of the product, and find contact information. Contact them and let them know you are capable enough to do the affiliate marketing. You need to market yourself also along with marketing a product. It may take a while initially to get started earning with Affiliate marketing but you would get success sure with dedication and persistence.


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